T2000 - calculatoare desktop
  T2000 - Instrumente de scris - metalice
  T2000 - Instrumente de scris si marcare
  Instrumente de scris - INK OIL
  T2000 - mape, dosare, genti din plastic
  T2000 - scoala-desen
  ASTRA - produse pentru scoala si creatie
  HAZA - Olanda - produse de creatie pentru copii
  HERMA- etichete autocolante si stickere
  ARDA - office - Italia
  ARDA - scoala - Italia
  KEYROAD - scoala
  SCHOELLERSHAMMER - calc si hartie desen

Why continue with Tornado 2000?
We'd like to say  it is still interesting to read our history, because you could ve easier to form an impression about us and understand how we survived all the turmoil that I underwent all.
The secret of keeping the slick of our ship comes from experience and prudence in difficult moments of existence of Romanian society; in good weather and calm waters, it's easy to dominion, but in troubled waters and bad times, it's harder. It's actually the secret existence of family companies, which we want to share and your friends.
Our company was found in  1999, but we used the work experience of the company founder of over 24 years only in this field. The company founder together  with his family and a small group of  capable stationery people  as old in this profession, have signed with other major stationery Romania, post-revolution page pioneering and private businesses in this field.
The maintaining and developing of the company in these 17 years  was based on lived live statistics and also on the  knowledge of the market requirements and offering.
The registration of the TORNADO 2000 brand should be for you a reason to believe in us and add us to your list of serious  friends, because this brand TORNADO 2000 has grown up and it's presented itself only by quality and good price.
It is a Romanian brand ,hardly born from desire of not longer depending on the "goodwill" of others who were enriched using us bluntly.
The products that we offer to the market are recomanded to all  ages and they are divided  in several main stationary classes: school, office, professional,, hobby and creative, the newest.
We adress specifically  to the reseller and we want them to develop.  The development of our customers means also  our succes and therefore we support them through various policies.
We also welcome the distributors offering them consulting, sales adn marketing techniques that will help you to promote your products and obtain maximum profit from your business.
Although there are hard times, we try to support the favourable conditions with good prices and payment terms. Keep constantly looking for "the NEW" and we'll offer to you.We hope that now, knowing something about us, you'll have a reason to go through all our website and then contact us.
These will be another part of the answering to the question " Why TORNADO 2000, and after these 17 years we'd like to add also: We continue with TORNADO 2000" , for which we thank you.